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Zesty Meyer Lemon Linguine with Asparagus

Meyer lemon makes this dish zesty without being sour, despite not having cream. It's quick and easy for those busy nights where you're short on time.

My dear friend Angi from SchneiderPeeps sent me a box full of beautiful of Meyer lemons for Christmas. Obviously we had to make some lemonade (don’t worry, I’m sharing that recipe as well), and there will be sweets, but my daughter and I really wanted to use lemons in a savory dinner. I had made this recipe with regular lemons and cream, but with the sweetness of Meyer lemons that you don’t get in regular lemons, I wanted to try it omitting the cream. So my daughter and I donned our aprons and headed to the kitchen on a mission.

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Lemon Linguine with Zesty Asparagus

Mouthwatering lemon linguine will be a hit in your household, I’m sure. Meyer lemons makes this dish zesty without being sour, despite not having cream. It’s quick and easy for those busy nights where you’re short on time. If you want the play-by-play for this recipe, you can see it here. Don’t forget to yum this recipe! Yum … Read More

Tips for Getting a Higher Hatch Rate with Duck Eggs

The things you need to know in order to have a high hatch rate when incubating duck eggs. Plus, how to build "the best" homemade incubator.

The same principles that apply to hatching chicken eggs can be applied to duck eggs. With the last batch of 18 duck eggs I incubated, 12 hatched, 1 died sometime in the last week of incubation for unknown reasons, and 5 were clear eggs. I didn’t candle the eggs, so I didn’t remove the clear eggs. This was a 66% hatch rate. A 50% hatch rate is considered very good.

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Easy DIY Crochet Christmas Ornaments

I love the simplicity of these crochet Christmas ornaments. It’s perfect to add a little something extra to your tree. Enjoy DIYing your holiday season.

I love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday by a long shot. Doing anything DIY around Christmas is also one of my favorite things to do. Gingerbread houses. Ornaments. Food. Candy. Hot Chocolate. Presents. Basically anything I can make myself, I do.

I love the simplicity of this crochet Christmas ornament. It’s perfect to add a little something extra to your tree.

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