Contribute to The 104 Homestead

Are you interested in blogging regularly for The 104 Homestead? I’m so excited to hear that! Our contributors get pretty good treatment here at The 104 Homestead. They get a full bio and links to their blogs and social media accounts and the end of their posts as well as their photo on the Contributor Page. Contributors can include up to three (3) relevant links back to their site. They can also include up to two (2) Amazon links in their posts. With the traffic we get here, that could put some money in your pocket.

I do not accept posts from companies or freelance writers.
If you are a company looking to advertise on The 104 Homestead, please see our Advertising Page.

Our Audience

The 104 Homestead audience is always growing. With all the promotion our guest posts receive, your post is sure to be seen. Here’s some of our numbers:

Average Monthly Page Views:  140,000
Average Monthly Unique Visitors:  107,000
Email Subscribers:  2,000+
Facebook Followers:  7,900+
Pinterest Followers:  11,300+
Twitter Fans:  2,200+
Google Plus “Circles”:  200+
Instagram Followers:  380+

See our latest Media Kit for up-to-date stats.

All of The 104 Homestead’s posts are kept in constant circulation, so it will be seen regularly on social media for the lifetime of the site (which I hope will be a very long time).

Great Topic Choices

The 104 Homestead is looking for guest posts that fit with our current topics.  These topics include ideas for around the home, crafts & upcycling, kitchen tips, recipes, poultry, small-scale livestock, gardening and outdoors.

Of course, if you have a topic you think The 104 Homestead readers would enjoy, please contact me at 104homestead[at]gmail[dot]com

 Expectations of Contributors

Although The 104 Homestead appreciates you writing in your own voice and style, we do have some expectations for posts submitted to the site.  These expectations include the following:

  • Original Content   All posts submitted must be new and original. Posts must be exclusive to The 104 Homestead (not on your own blog or a guest posted elsewhere). You can certainly offer a teaser on your own site, so long as it directs readers to your guest post here.
  • Word Count   Posts should be between 500 and 2,000 words. Anything exceeding 2,000 words can be broken into two posts that will be published a week apart from each other.
  • Proficient Writing Skills   I, of all people, know that editing errors occur, but submitted posts should be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes and should require little editing.
  • Post Ownership  The post you write for The 104 Homestead belongs completely to you, as do the photographs you include. I do ask that you do not use an exact duplicate of the post on your own blog or on any other blog, as that will hurt all those involved in Google’s eyes.
  • Photographs  Photographs that are shared on social media (the first and last photos in a post) will be marked with The 104 Homestead’s logo, but will be credited to you in the caption with a link. This is so that people recognize our branding while scrolling through their feed. Photos are only required in tutorial and recipe posts, but are always welcome for other topics as well.

Although not required, it would be great if you would promote your post on social media.  This promotion will greatly benefit both of us.