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Do you want to start homesteading but don’t know where to start?

We are in the technological age, meaning there is an endless supply of knowledge at our fingertips. Great! Well, maybe not.

It can be overwhelming to break into something new with that much information​. Have you ever Googled something about starting a new diet? Two hundred pages worth of results listing thousands of diets, thousands of reviews saying such-and-such diets do not work, and variations people claim are the way to diet properly. Here you are, Googling diets, and you are at the point of giving up and grabbing an Oreo.

That’s why I wrote…

Welcome to the World of Homesteading

In this digital book, you’ll find a seasonal guide to setting homesteading goals. These are goals you can easily achieve, regardless of the size or location of your homestead. In addition to giving you goal ideas, Welcome to the World of Homesteading offers goal-tracking sheets. These worksheets can be printed off year after year, so you can watch your homestead grow.

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