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Delci Plouffe is a stay at home mom who is married to a day-workin’, pistol-packin’, cowboy-preacher, minus the pistol–not that she wouldn’t be surprised if Bill wore one! Follow our journey as we navigate our way through life, learning how to glorify God in everything we do: as we ride horses, work on our acre farm and renovate our farmhouse on a budget. We've put together an awesome resource page for homesteaders that you won't want to miss out on: find out more about Heritage Homestead.

Tips for Getting a Higher Hatch Rate with Duck Eggs

The things you need to know in order to have a high hatch rate when incubating duck eggs. Plus, how to build "the best" homemade incubator.

The same principles that apply to hatching chicken eggs can be applied to duck eggs. With the last batch of 18 duck eggs I incubated, 12 hatched, 1 died sometime in the last week of incubation for unknown reasons, and 5 were clear eggs. I didn’t candle the eggs, so I didn’t remove the clear eggs. This was a 66% hatch rate. A 50% hatch rate is considered very good.

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