About Janelle Veldkamp

Janelle and her husband are building a permaculture farm in the Missouri Ozarks. They blog about learning to live a sustainable lifestyle, including growing all of their own food and living off­grid. You can read about their adventures at Homestead in the Holler.

Pros and Cons of Disbudding Your Goat

Disbudding, the procedure of burning off the horns, is unpleasant. Every time we disbudded our goat kids we would ask ourselves, Is this necessary?

When we first purchased goats, we lived on a small acreage and we chose Nigerian Dwarf goats. We wanted our kids to be able to be in the pen with the goats and not feel intimidated so we chose small a small breed. That also meant goats with no horns. When our goats had kids, we disbudded them. That was our stance until last summer, our first summer on our homestead in Missouri. We went from backyard goat owners to farmers overnight. We kept our little dairy herd that we had on our acreage, but also added a separate herd of meat goats.

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A Simple Trick for Great Tasting Goat’s Milk

Goat's milk gets a bad rap. I've heard people describe goat's milk as “goaty” or just plain gross. But when handled properly, it isn't that way at all!

Goat’s milk gets a bad rap. I’ve heard people describe goat’s milk as “goaty” or just plain gross. But when handled properly, it isn’t that way at all! I’ve become a goat’s milk advocate of sorts, trying to get people to just take a sip. There are several factors that can affect goat’s milk. Find out how you can love your goat’s milk.

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