About Liz Martin

Liz is a suburban homesteader who is passionate about gardening. Along with her husband, they are raising a dozen plus chickens, wooly Angora rabbits, ducks, dogs, cats and four beautiful children on coastal Cape Cod. You can follow her at The Cape Coop.

Raising Fiber Rabbits - What You Need to Know

Are you getting ready to add fiber rabbits to your backyard farm? Rabbits are the perfect choice for someone who wants to start producing their own fibers.

Rabbits are actually the perfect choice for a backyard farmer that would like to start producing their own fibers for either resale or crafts. Typical fiber farm animals include sheep, goats or alpacas – some of which can top out at 200 pounds or more – not always practical for someone farming on under an acre of land. Rabbits need minimal space and don’t require special farm vets, almost all suburban vets will have experience treating rabbits. In addition to less land and less feed, rabbits are wooly powerhouses!

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