Farm Hair, Don’t Care – Braid & Feather Tank Top


This Farm Hair, Don’t Care tank top is a celebration of the simplicity and beauty of farm life, featuring a minimalist design of a woman with a braid and a colorful chicken feather. Crafted from soft, cozy fabric, it’s perfect for all your daily tasks or a relaxed day out, embodying the spirit of homesteading. This shirt is a statement for those who embrace the natural elegance and stories of a day spent in nature, proving that farm hair is more than a look—it’s a way of life.



Dive into the heart of farm life with my Farm Hair, Don’t Care design inspired by my good friend Carrissa at Lone Feather Farm who said some farm girls prefer braids. This is a tribute to those who love the simplicity and raw beauty that comes with homesteading. It’s an ode to the genuine moments that define farm living, featuring a minimalist line drawing of a woman with a long, flowing braid adorned with a vibrant blue and purple chicken feather.

Made from soft, cozy fabric, this tank top is your go-to as you navigate the day’s tasks, from feeding the animals to a leisurely walk through your fields. Whether you’re knee-deep in gardening soil, overseeing your flock, or out on the town, this top celebrates the unpolished elegance of farm life. It’s a statement piece for any woman who cherishes the honest beauty of a day spent in nature’s embrace, proving that farm hair isn’t just a look – it’s a lifestyle. Ideal for anyone who finds beauty in the tales told by a day’s work on the farm.

Also available in v-neck and standard teeshirt style.


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