Farm Hair, Don’t Care – Messy Bun & Blue Feather V-Neck Tee


This “Farm Hair, Don’t Care” tee celebrates the joy and chaos of farm life with a minimalist design featuring a woman’s messy bun with a blue chicken feather. Made from soft, comfortable fabric, it’s perfect for daily chores or relaxation, embodying the beauty of embracing life’s imperfections. Ideal for women proud of their farm roots.

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Embrace the unruly beauty of farm life with our “Farm Hair, Don’t Care” tee. This unique design celebrates those who find joy amidst the chaos of homesteading. It’s a nod to the unexpected moments that make farm life so special and features a minimalist line drawing of a woman with a perfectly messy bun and a striking blue chicken feather. Crafted from soft, breathable fabric, this tee ensures comfort as you go about your daily chores or enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Whether you’re tending to your garden, caring for your flock, or just running errands, this shirt is a testament to the beauty of embracing life’s little imperfections. Let the world know you’re proud of your farm roots and the simple, authentic lifestyle that comes with it. Perfect for any woman who believes in the charm of farm hair and the stories it tells.

Also available in standard tee and tank top styles.


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