From Soil to Salve: A Homesteader’s Medicinal Herb Handbook

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Embark on a holistic journey with From Soil to Salve where homesteader Jessica Knowles guides you through the art of cultivating and utilizing medicinal herbs. This downloadable comprehensive guide, suitable for beginners and experienced herbalists alike, offers insights into herb selection, garden design, and the creation of homemade remedies, providing a roadmap for cultivating wellness naturally. Immerse yourself in the healing secrets of nature and embrace a sustainable and harmonious herbal lifestyle with this trusted companion.



Unlock Nature’s Healing Secrets with From Soil to Salve: A Homesteader’s Medicinal Herb Handbook

Dive into the world of herbal wellness with Jessica Knowles, a passionate homesteader and herbal enthusiast. In this downloadable comprehensive guide, Jessica shares her expertise on cultivating and utilizing medicinal herbs, offering practical insights for both beginners and seasoned herbalists.

Key Features

  • Learn to select, grow, and harvest a variety of healing herbs.
  • Explore the profiles of common herbs, discovering their unique properties.
  • Gain insights into designing a harmonious herb garden and fostering sustainability.
  • Access recipes for homemade herbal remedies, from teas to tinctures.

Immerse yourself in the art of herbal living and embark on a journey to cultivate wellness naturally. From Soil to Salve is your trusted companion on the path to a holistic and sustainable lifestyle. Download it today!

This is a 56-page digital download that will be available immediately upon purchase.

1 review for From Soil to Salve: A Homesteader’s Medicinal Herb Handbook

  1. Sophia P.

    This book is packed with down-to-earth info that makes making natural rememdies with goodies in the garden super easy.

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