Homestead Harvest: Winter Delights Cookbook

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Embark on a homesteader’s winter journey with Homestead Harvest: Winter Delights by Jessica Knowles. This digital cookbook features 24 exquisite recipes capturing the essence of winter, from soul-warming mains to festive desserts, offering a genuine connection to the joy of homesteading life.



Embark on a culinary journey through the heart of winter on the homestead with Homestead Harvest: Winter Delights. Authored by Jessica Knowles, a dedicated homesteader and creator of The 104 Homestead, this digital cookbook is a celebration of seasonal flavors and the joy found in the simplicity of homesteading life.

Discover a collection of 24 exquisite recipes meticulously crafted to capture the essence of winter. From soul-warming main courses to decadent desserts and holiday treats, each recipe is a symphony of flavors that reflects the resilience of the homesteading spirit. Dive into the appetizers that herald the season, explore hearty main courses inspired by winter harvests, and indulge in sweet creations that turn homestead kitchens into festive sanctuaries.

What sets Homestead Harvest apart is not just the delightful recipes but also the genuine connection to the homesteading lifestyle. Jessica Knowles, a mother of three, invites you to share in her experiences on The 104 Homestead, bringing the homesteader’s touch to your kitchen.

1 review for Homestead Harvest: Winter Delights Cookbook

  1. Ava

    Love the recipes. And it’s pretty too. I’m planning on getting the spring one too. Hopefully she does summer and fall so I can get the full set.

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