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Homesteading Inspiration

Do you think it’s impossible to homestead where you live? These Inspiring Homesteads will show you the way. Each week we feature a new homesteader from across the globe. They will tell you how they do it. Get inspired!

For the sake of organization, homestead stories have been sorted by the size of the property. I do not believe homesteads can be defined as urban, suburban, rural, or farmstead by lot size alone, but that is a topic for a future post.

Urban Homesteaders

Urban homesteaders live on less than 1/2 an acre. Space is an obvious challenge for these homesteaders, but they won’t stop that from standing in their way.

Homesteading to me means providing for my family instead of relying on mass distribution - be it the foods we eat or the products we use." - Jessica
Kathryn and her family of six live on 1/10th of an acre in the city, but she doesn't let that stop her dream of homesteading.
Andrea won't let small spaces keep her from reaching her homesteading dream. With 1/6 acre she does more than most. Find out her big plans for her future.
A Story of Perseverance | The 104 Homestead

Suburban Homesteaders

Suburban homesteaders live on more than 1/2 an acre, but they still don’t have much room to spread out. Often “blending with the neighborhood” is an issue for these homesteaders.

Homesteading is really just a way of deliberate living. It's not a hobby or a fad; homesteading gets under your skin and once you learn one skill, you discover that there's a long list of others skills waiting for you down the line because its all connected.
Julie believes homesteading is about being grateful for the gifts God has given us and using those gifts wisely.
Jenny lives on just shy of 1/2 acre on a suburban lot in upstate New York. She is the author of Hudman Honey Farm, a blog about her suburban homestead adventures.

Rural Homesteaders

Rural homesteaders have more than an acre to work with and often more freedom than their smaller homestead friends.

"I guess right now I could say that, to me, homesteading means stepping away from all of that and seeking deeper relationships with the people around me and the earth." -Erin
Angi refers to herself and her family as lazy homesteaders. And that is okay. Homesteading doesn't have to be all or nothing.
Megan's uncle discovered he had a dream of homesteading and he was going to do whatever he could to make that dream a reality. He inspired Megan.
It all started when we unplugged the television. That one small act began a journey towards self sufficiency. Amanda lives on two acres in Ontario, Canada.


Farmsteads are homesteads of more than 5 acres. Whether the homesteader chooses to actually “farm” or not, they have the space to do so.

Tanya is wife and mother of three. She lives on 55 acres in North Carolina. Tanya maintains over 32,000 square feet of gardens on her zone 7 property.
Homesteading to me means a closer connection the the earth, our food, and my family. It means honoring the past, living in the present, and preparing for the future.
My wife and I live an off-grid homestead lifestyle in Alaska because we prefer to live closer to nature, at a different pace from most of society.
Rhonda is a Southern farm girl transplanted to the wilderness of Northern Idaho. She lives there with her husband and adorable "pack" of dogs.
"Homesteading to me means creating a warm and peaceful haven for me and my family, trying to live off the land and become as self sufficient as possible." - Valerie

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