12 Mason Jar Lid DIY Projects for the Eco-Conscious Crafter

Discover 12 creative Mason jar lid upcycling ideas. Transform them into decor, organizers, and more for sustainable living.

A collage of mason jar lid crafts.

There is a big idea behind homesteading and sustainable living called “repurposing and upcycling.” Mason jar lids are one of these things that you might not expect to be so creatively useful. Often overshadowed by their glass counterparts, these lids hold the key to a wide range of creative ideas that blend functionality with aesthetic charm. 

This post shares 12 creative and crafty ways to change the lids on Mason jars. It shows how something as simple as a lid can be the main part of eco-friendly crafts and home decor. These ideas, which range from useful kitchen hacks to pretty decorations, show how versatile Mason jar lids are and how many ways there are to reuse them. 

Cute DIY Coasters

Traci at Tidy Mom shows how to make stylish coasters out of Mason jar lids in a creative and easy way. You will need wide mouth Mason jar lids, craft supplies like stamps and ink, thin sheets of cork, and a hot glue gun, as well as spray paint. 

Coasters made from old mason jar lids and cork.

Traci shows you how to do everything. The end result is a cute set of coasters that you made yourself. They are practical and add a personal touch to any room’s decor.

DIY Picture Frame

Crafting a Green World shows you a creative, eco-friendly way to make cute picture frames out of Mason jar lids. This post talks about how to upcycle to make a unique display for your favorite memories. 

Picture frames made from mason jar lids.

It only takes photos, scissors, spray paint, and Mod Podge to make your frame one of a kind. She explains how to pick the right photo size, safely attach it to the lid, and decorate the frame. This project is great for people who want to add something unique to their home decor or who want to make their own gifts.

Magnetic Spice Containers

A Forager’s Home shows how to make a magnetic spice rack out of Mason jar lids, which is a creative way to organize your kitchen. This project is both practical and stylish, and it offers a way to save space for people who want to organize their spice storage. 

Magnetic spice jars made from mason jars and their lids.

You’ll need Mason jar lids, strong magnets, Gorilla glue, and small jars (quarter-pint size is suggested). It is easy to follow and flexible, so you can change the size of the rack and the way the jars are arranged to suit your needs. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts and DIY fans alike, this magnetic spice rack project is a smart way to repurpose Mason jar lids while enhancing your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetic.

Garden Markers

Use Mason jar lids to make cute garden stakes, as shown on the Mod Podge Rocks Blog. These are great for garden lovers who want to add a personal touch to their green space because they are both functional and pretty. Outdoor Mod Podge, a power punch (or sturdy hole punch), floral picks, and a printer are needed for the tutorial. 

Plant markers made from mason jar lids and floral picks.

The blog’s author, Amy, explains how to waterproof the lids, add your designs, and then secure them to wooden stakes. Along with adding a whimsical touch to your garden, these garden stakes help you figure out what plants and herbs you are growing.

Decorative Wreath

Homemade Heather shows you how to make a cute holiday wreath out of Mason jar lids in this fun and creative tutorial. This wreath is not only fun to make, but it also gives your holiday decorations a unique, rustic look. 

A holiday-themed wreath made from canning jar rings.

The step-by-step guide is easy to follow, making it suitable for crafters of all skill levels looking to add a handmade touch to their holiday decorations.

Jar Lid Bird Feeders

Kristi shows you how to make a simple bird feeder out of a Mason jar lid in this creative tutorial from I Should Be Mopping the Floor. Using Mason jar lids in this project is a great way to make something new that can bring joy and wildlife to your garden. 

A bird feeder made from a mason jar ring.

The instructions are easy to follow, and all you need are Mason jar lids, twine, parchment paper, and birdseed. Not only does this do-it-yourself project promote recycling and creativity, but it also lets you watch and help wildlife in your backyard.

Pin Cushion Jar

Make and Take’s creative tutorial shows how to make a pin cushion jar out of a Mason jar and its lid. This craft idea is both clever and useful. This project is a great way for sewing fans to store their sewing pins and other small items in a stylish and organized way. It is a unique combination of storage and utility. 

A pin cushion made from a small mason jar.

The tutorial is straightforward and requires simple materials such as fabric, batting, a Mason jar with its lid, and hot glue. Make this pin cushion jar yourself, and it will not only be useful for sewing, but it will also look cute in any craft room. You can change the look of the project by choosing different fabrics to match your mood or decor. This makes it a great gift for other crafters or a fun project to do on the weekend for yourself. 

Magnets for the Fridge or Office

This tutorial from Artsy Karma shows you a creative way to use jar lids to make resin magnets at home. They aren’t Mason jar lids, but they’re too cute to not include. These magnets will give your refrigerator a charming touch.

Resin magnets made from jar lids.

The guide is detailed and user-friendly, perfect for crafters looking to explore the versatility of resin in crafting.

Candle Holders

Mason jar lids are the perfect size for tea lights or small votive candles. Decorate the lids to match your event or room’s theme for a personalized touch.

Unique Gift Tags

This tutorial from Homespun Seasonal Living showcases a creative and sustainable way to repurpose canning lids into unique and personalized gift tags. Focused on upcycling and homemade charm, this project is perfect for adding a special touch to gifts for any occasion. 

Canning lid gift tags on wrapped packages.

The process involves using old canning lids, some basic craft supplies like glue, confetti or glitter, and ribbons, and your creativity. Ideal for crafters looking to minimize waste while maximizing creativity, these upcycled canning lid gift tags are sure to impress your loved ones.

Holiday Ornaments

Lizzy and Erin’s tutorial shows you a creative and fun way to use jar lids to make Christmas ornaments. For crafters, this do-it-yourself project is a great way to reuse and recycle jar lids into pretty holiday decorations. 

A Christmas ornament made from a mason jar lid, sheet music, and holiday decorations.

The directions are easy to follow, and you only need a few things to make each ornament unique, like jar lids, paint, fabric, and embellishments like ribbons, glitter, and stickers. Fans of all levels of craftiness can do the project, which promotes creativity and individuality. These hand-made ornaments are not only a nice addition to your holiday decor, but they are also great gifts for family and friends.

Mason Jar Lid Suncatcher/Wind Chimes

This tutorial will show you how to make a beautiful suncatcher catcher/wind chime out of a Mason jar lid. Botanicals are put between circles of contact paper and then secured inside the lids to make clear panels that are then strung from a piece of driftwood. The end result is a beautiful, eco-friendly decoration that adds a touch of nature’s peace to any room by catching light and making soft chimes when the wind blows through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean and dry the lids of Mason jars well before painting them to make sure the paint sticks. The adhesion and durability can be improved by using a primer made just for metal surfaces. Spray paint or acrylic paint should be applied in thin, even layers, with plenty of time between each layer to dry.

Rusted Mason jar lids can add a vintage or rustic aesthetic to your crafts, but it’s important to handle them safely. Seal the rust with a clear sealant to prevent further corrosion and to avoid rust rubbing off on other surfaces. If the rust is too advanced, it might be best to avoid using the lid for safety reasons.

To make your projects more sustainable, focus on using recycled or natural materials wherever possible. For example, opt for recycled paper, fabric scraps, and eco-friendly paints and adhesives. 

For more creative upcycling inspiration, don’t miss our other posts on transforming mason jars into stunning crafts, giving new life to old pill bottles, and repurposing holiday cards into beautiful keepsakes. Dive into these projects to continue your sustainable crafting journey and discover even more ways to turn everyday items into treasured creations.

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Reusing Mason jar lids is a great way to be environmentally friendly and get creative in your daily life. Each of these ideas offers a way to reduce waste while adding a touch of charm and practicality to your home. So next time you find yourself with a few extra Mason jar lids, consider giving them a second life with one of these crafty ideas.

Which of these Mason jar lid upcycling ideas inspired you the most, and what unique project do you have in mind for your next DIY adventure?

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