16+ Enchanting Mason Jar Craft Ideas You’ll Love to DIY

Today, I am going to share a few super cute mason jar craft ideas. Mason jars are an inexpensive item to transform into something new.

A collage of mason jar crafts.

Are you like me? Do you hoard mason jars like they’re going out of style? Mason jars are just one of the many things I collect. They go so beautifully with my farmhouse chic life. From time to time I’ve got to come up with some sort of purpose for them, otherwise, my boyfriend gets on my case about my collections. Here are sixteen great mason jar craft projects (plus a couple of bonus ideas for more inspiration).

Some Fun Mason Jar Facts

In 1858, a Vineland, New Jersey tinsmith named John Landis Mason invented and patented a screw-threaded glass jar or bottle that became known as the Mason jar. This innovation of an airtight container transformed food preservation. From 1857, when it was first patented, to the present, mason jars have had hundreds of variations in shape and cap design.

A guide for dating a Ball mason jar.

Mason jars come in a variety of sizes, each suitable for a specific canning (or crafting) adventure. Check out this Comprehensive Mason Jar Size Guide from Mason Jar Lifestyle.

The Awesome Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Grab your mason jars in various sizes, your glue, fabric, spray paint, and add some farmhouse style to your life.

#1 Pastel Easter Cakes-In-A-Jar from Playdates to Parties

These Easter egg mason jars are super cute…and a fun craft to make with your kids. Find out how to make them, and all the different ways they can be used!

Mason jars painted to resemble Easter eggs with fake grass coming out of the tops.
Image courtesy of Playdates to Parties.

#2 Parmesan Cheese Mason Jar Shaker from Redhead Can Decorate

It’s very simple. Just fill a Ball Jar with parmesan cheese, and switch the lids off of one of the store-bought parmesan cheese shakers. No more crappy plastic holding your cheese for months. See it all come together here.

A mason jar with a parmesan cheese shaker lid on top.
Image courtesy of Redhead Can Decorate

#3 DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden Planters from One Good Thing by Jillee

Do you really hate those packages of herbs they sell in the produce department? They are way overpriced and the herbs are only semi-fresh. Plus, you end up with way more than you need for one recipe. Instead of buying packages of herbs, make your own windowsill garden in mason jars.

Fresh herbs growing out of mason jars with little chalkboard labels.
Image courtesy of One Good Thing by Jillee

#4 Ball Mason Jar Sconce Light from Robb Restyle

New sconce lights using blue mason jars to add more cottage chic to a bathroom? Well, of course. I have those same sconce fixtures with bubble glass shades and Edison bulbs, but I think I may need to swap them out for these. Learn how to easily make them yourself.

A blue mason jar as the globe on a silver wall sconce.
Image courtesy of Robb Restyle

#5 Oatmeal in Jars: 1 Week of Breakfast in 5 Minutes from The Kitchn

I know you are always looking for healthy, make-ahead breakfasts, and I keep coming back to my all-time favorite: steel-cut oatmeal. With a little forethought and a few mason jars, you can make enough steel-cut oats for a whole week in just five minutes. Learn how to do it here.

Steel cut oats and topped with fruits and nuts in mason jars.
Image courtesy of The Kitchn

#6 An Easy DIY Dispenser from One Good Thing by Jillee

How to make your own perfectly pourable mason jar lid using the pour spout from empty milk, juice, or broth cartons. Here’s how it’s done.

A pour lid made from a juice container and attached to a mason jar.
Image courtesy of One Good Thing by Jillee

#7 Mason Jar Mini Terrarium from Kerry Michaels on About Home

Mason jar terrariums make great gifts for teachers, as housewarming gifts, or as a way to bring sunshine into the world of a friend. They thrive on neglect, so even a determined serial plant killer can keep one of these alive. These terrariums are inexpensive, and depending on the plants, can last for years. Learn how to make one here.

A small terrarium with a plant, some stones, and moss in an upside down mason jar.
Image courtesy of About Home

#8 Chic Solar Lights from Garden Therapy

Using just three materials and a wee bit of time, you will quickly have stylish mason jar solar lights to illuminate the garden or patio on these late summer nights. The simple tutorial can be found here.

Mason jars with solar lights in the lid charging on a porch railing.
Image courtesy of Garden Therapy

#9 Hanging Mason Jar Vase with Wire Frog from 17 Apart

Turning the caps into frog lids is a helpful trick in floral arranging — the metal grid makes the blooms and greenery stay in place exactly the way you want them and holds them that way for you. These are perfect for weddings. See these beautiful flower vases come together.

Roses, daffodils, carnations, and greenery arranged in three mason jars with twin tied around the tops.
Image courtesy of 17 Apart

#10 Adorable “Canned Chickens” for Easter from Peky Prepping Gramma.

Peky Prepping Gramma hatched this little gift idea to present to her grandbabies on Easter and they are such stinkin’ adorable mason jar gifts. See how to assemble them

A little fabric chicken and coop accessoires inside a mason jar.
Image courtesy of Peky Prepping Gramma

#11 Bathroom Storage Jars from The DIY Playbook

I am planning on using this tutorial with larger jars to put wooden spoons over the stove in the new kitchen. These will really help to free up counter space. [UPDATE: They worked great in the kitchen!] Learn how to make your own here.

Eyeglasses, cotton balls, makeup brushes, and cotton swabs stored in mason jars attached to a piece of barnwood.
Image courtesy of The DIY Playbook

#12 Candle Holders and Decorative Jars from Attainable Sustainable 

These decorative jars use 3D paint. The dotting technique used is very forgiving. You can start with patterns like flowers or starbursts, and fill in between them with more dots or do flowing lines. Kids can use this technique to make a very nice-looking end product. You could make these for holiday decor!

A glass bottle and a small mason jar candle decorated with 3-D paint dots.
Image courtesy of Attainable Sustainable

#13 Budget-Friendly Christmas-In-A-Jar from yours truly

This holiday home decor is super simple to make and costs less than $7. It’s part of a roundup I did on how to do Christmas Decorating on a Budget. You can see all the crafts here.

A christmas snowglobe with a snowman and snowflake ornaments inside mason jars and red and green ribbon tied around the lids.

#14 DIY Mason Jar Pencil Holders from Girl, Just DIY!

Painted jars in two different sizes and some twine make for a really adorable pencil/pen holder perfect for the farmgirl’s desk. Learn how to make them (or how not to) here.

White painted mason jars with twine wrapped around the tops storing markers and pencils.
Image courtesy of Girl, Just DIY!

#15 Holiday Candy Jars from Lyric Lover Crafts

These cute candy jars are perfect for gift-giving or holiday craft fairs. Watch the video below to learn how to make this mason jar craft.

#16 Make a Mason Jar Lamp from The Country Chic Cottage

Make a mason jar lamp and add your own style as the lamp base. This easy craft only takes a few minutes and a few dollars to make. Add a rustic burlap shade for a perfect farmhouse style! Learn how to make it here.

A large mason jar turned into a lamp with birch logs inside and a burlap shade.
Image courtesy of The Country Chic Cottage

And here are a few more mason jar craft ideas:

Learning & Yearning has a neat tutorial for glass etching. She uses wine and beer bottles, but it would look chic with mason jars as well.

spinning spice rackluminariesparty favors/place settings with chalk paint (did you know you can make your own chalkboard paint from regular paint?), and fun calming jars filled with glitter from Untrained Housewife.

You can also purchase soap pump dispensers on Amazon to make your own farm-chic soap dispensers and shaker lids to make cute pint-sized salt and pepper shakers.

Frequently Asked Jar Crafting Questions

Yes, mason jars are designed to withstand high heat, making them ideal for candle making or light fixtures.

For painting mason jars, acrylic paint is commonly used for its durability and adherence to glass. Applying a primer or sealant can further enhance durability, especially for items that will be handled frequently or exposed to moisture.

Soaking the jars in warm, soapy water can help loosen the residue. For tougher adhesives, rubbing alcohol or a mixture of baking soda and cooking oil can be effective. Gently scrub with a non-abrasive pad to avoid scratching the glass.

Also, be sure to check out 12+ Fun Ways to Upcycle Holiday Cards After the SeasonUpcycle Pill Bottles with These 22 Fun & Creative Ideas, and 12 Uses for an Old Milk Jug. If you use your jars as chick waterers, I’ve finally figured out how to hang them! Check out this post here to find out how.

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A pinterest-friendly graphic promoting ways you can upcycle mason jars.

People of all skill levels can make beautiful, useful things for their home or as gifts using mason jars. They are a great combination of simplicity and creativity. These mason jar craft ideas show how useful and versatile this simple container can be. They can be used to make everything from stylish lighting to useful storage. With some creativity and simple tools, you can turn plain mason jars into unique gifts that show off your style and creativity. Looking to add a rustic touch to your home decor or find an eco-friendly craft project? These ideas are a great place to start your next do-it-yourself project.

Do you have a great hack for your collection?  Share your mason jar crafts in the comments below!

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  1. Love the mason jars herb garden. Can’t wait to start one. Great ideas for mason jars. Thank you so much for all your ideas. Sandy

  2. Angi @ SchneiderPeeps says:

    I just love the light fixture! We use a mason jar for a liquid soap dispenser. I took the pump off a store bought dispenser that broke and my son punched a hole in a mason jar lid to put it through. Works great!

    1. Jessica Lane says:

      Great idea. I’d like to do something like that in the kitchen.

  3. Kristi @ Homestead Wishing says:

    I am pretty sure you are after my heart, because I love hacks, and mason jars. How did you know! Seriously, thank you. I love these ideas!

  4. Kim bailey says:

    What did you use on the jars for chicken waterers and feeders…I want to do the crochet hangers. Tia!

  5. Holly Miniea says:

    Oh no, the to-go coffee cup link is broken. I just started drinking (fertility) tea out of a mason jar, it’s easier to brew a whole days worth, and that would be great to have.

    1. Oh goodness! Thank you for bringing that to my attention. We can’t have broken coffee links. I’m on the case to see if I can find a new DIY link for the project.

  6. What a great compilation! There’s quite a few on here that I want to try out.