Organic Coturnix Quail Eggs, Chicks, and Adult Birds

Are you looking to purchase organic quail eggs, chicks, and adult birds? We have Jumbo Coturnix quail for sale from our homestead in Maine.

Straight from our farm in Maine to your home.

High-quality Coturnix quail products directly from my organic farm to your home. Whether you’re looking for fresh quail eggs, quail chicks, or fully-grown adult birds, I’ve got you covered.

My quail eggs are collected fresh every day and are ideal for many culinary delights or incubation. My quail, perfect for eggs, meat or pets, are raised free from any chemicals, providing you with a sustainable and ethical choice. My Coturnix quail products are organically raised to ensure the best quality, health, and flavor — nature’s best, nurtured for you.

My homestead is located just off Route 302 on the Bridgton/Fryeburg line. Directions will be provided after you reach out. Local pickup can be arranged in Bridgton, Fryeburg, Sebago, Windham, and surrounding areas. Just ask!

2024 Coturnix Quail Pricing

Any Coturnix quail currently available are listed below.

Live Bird Pricing

Please note live birds are only available for local pickup. I am not authorized to ship quail chicks or adult quail. Breeding sets are 1 male and 4 females. Although I usually have a few day old chicks on hand, I am happy to do a hatch just for you. Just reach out using the contact form below.

Day Old – 1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks
(Not Laying)
$10.00 (F)

Hatches of Andalusian, Falb Fee, and Pharaoh (wild) is planned for April. You can be put on the waiting list by using the contact form below.

Coturnix Quail Egg Pricing

Eggs for consumption have been washed with an organic cleanser and refrigerated. Eggs for hatching have come from our personal breeding stock that is displaying a good fertility rate, and the eggs have been kept unwashed at room temperature and turned regularly. Eating and hatching eggs can be shipped for an additional free. Please message me using the contact form below to get a quote.

2 dozen$6.00$15.00
4 dozen$10.00$25.00

Quail egg scissors are available for purchase for $5.

Pickled Quail Eggs

Pickled quail eggs are available for local pickup. I currently have Beet Bliss, Red Hot Egglets, and Dill-icious Egg Bites.

Current Stock Available for Pickup

Teens (sexed)

  • Pearl Fees (4F, 2M)
    some het fee, some hom fee

Adult Hens

  • None

Adult Roos

  • 2 Silver Mixes
  • 1 Tuxedo Tibetan (pending)
  • 1 Rosetta
  • 1 Tibetan

Get high-quality, disease-free quail from our homestead in Maine. Buy now and get the best Coturnix quail for sale!

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Products We Love for Our Quail

These are a few of the products we use and love on our homestead.