Herbal Tea, Tincture, or Capsule? How to Take Your Herbs

Many of us are really beginning to question the rational of reaching for a bottle for every ache, pain, or physical problem. That’s why recipes like Feverfew Tincture for migraines and Hyssop Tea for coughs and colds are becoming increasingly popular. Herbs are becoming very common remedies for common ailments. If internal herbalism is new to you, you might be wondering what to do with that marigold plant a friend said would help with indigestion. Do you take it as an herbal tea? Maybe a tincture? Perhaps your suppose to stuff it into a capsule to swallow.

You may be wondering what to do with that herb a friend said would help with indigestion. Learn about choosing between an herbal tea, tincture, or capsule.

Lets talk about what each preparation is and how I decide what to use.

What is an Herbal Tea

Teas are best suited to herbs that taste good. You prepare them in the way you would prepare an ordinary cup of tea. If you’re creating your own blend, you can purchase a tea infuser. I often pre-mix my herbs and use my snap ball infuser. Make sure if you are using an infuser instead of a tea bag that you use cut herbs and not powders. Powders leave a weird goo at the bottom of your cup and no one wants that. SchneiderPeeps has some great tips on making successful tea.

Brew your loose leaf tea with ease. Now you can replace your old tea bags and enjoy drinking fresh full flavored tea.Herbal Tea Pros

  • Easily customized for flavors and needs
  • Quick to throw together at home
  • May taste good (hello peppermint tea!)
  • Hydrates the body

Herbal Tea Cons

  • Requires hot water (not great for travel)
  • May not taste good
  • Not the fastest delivery route

Herbal Teas to Try

Immunity Boosting Vitamin C Tea Blend from Homespun Seasonal Living

Linden “Under Pressure” Tea from Nitty Gritty Life

What is an Herbal Tincture

Tinctures are basically concentrated teas. You steep the herbs in alcohol (usually cheap vodka) or you can make it child/pet safe using vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar. Tinctures are great make-ahead preparations. You can store them in amber bottles and have them on hand when you need them.

30 ml Amber Glass bottles commonly uses to store tinctures.Herbal Tincture Pros

  • A fast delivery system
  • Can be mixed into beverages
  • Portable for travel

Herbal Tincture Cons

  • Flavors may be strong with certain herbs
  • Takes time to prepare

Herbal Tinctures to Try

Flu Fighting Elderberry Tincture from Learning and Yearning

Echinacea Root Tincture for Immune Boosting Benefits from Ever Growing Farm

Making Herbal Capsules

Capsules are a great option for MYO supplements, but they can be used for acute therapies as well. I’ve made a few to have on hand when I’m out and about and I get a migraine. There’s an art to making herbal capsules, but there are several ways to go about it. Joybilee Farm shows you how to create your own homestead pharmacy using capsules. 

Clear gelatin capsules are the perfect choice when you want to be able to show off the color and texture of the contents of your pill.Herbal Capsule Pros

  • Easily delivery and fast results
  • Can be customized for exactly what you need
  • Long shelf life

Herbal Capsule Cons

  • May be hard for some people to swallow
  • Some assembly required

Herbal Capsule Blends to Try

Yarrow, Shepherd’s Purse and Nettle Herbal Capsules for Bleeding & Flow Control from Nitty Gritty Life

Weight Loss Aide Supplements from Joybilee Farm

Questions to ask when deciding on an herbal preparation

What I’m I trying to do?

The first thing I do is assess the situation and think through a course of action. If you’re dealing with constipation, you need the remedy to hydrate the body and help stimulate the bowels. Tinctures and dry herbs in a capsule don’t hydrate the body. An herbal tea is probably the best bet.

Do I have what I need?

You can throw together some elderberry syrup in the spring or summer and have it on hand during the cold and flu season. If you’re already sick and you don’t have your bottle of fire cider ready to go, you’re out of luck. Often when you need an herbal remedy, you need it ASAP. You may have to throw together some echinacea and thyme herbal capsules. Frugally Sustainable has a great recipe for homemade cold care capsules.

How does the herb taste?

I like to think I don’t let taste bother me. More often than not, any herb tastes better than cough syrup. If I could survive a childhood of Robitussin there is nothing I can’t deal with. The same can not be said for the rest of my family… especially my children. Capsules might mask the taste, but the kids have trouble getting them down. A tincture can be hidden in a cup of grape juice or diluted in water. 

You may be wondering what to do with that herb a friend said would help with indigestion. Learn about choosing between an herbal tea, tincture, or capsule.

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  1. Evelyn B. Rapier says:

    I like to use kratom powder in different flavors by making tea. Its taste is really amazing and its effects are sedative. Which form of kratom is your choice?

  2. I read a lot of blog posts!! This is great content work.

  3. can you make a tincture or tea w/ capsules? i have some now foods graviola and i realize it has fillers in it….it works well but the problem is that it requires tons fo water to absorb fully and very light eating, basically i have to almost fast everyday for it to be absorbed because it seems to get stuck in my tissues, i feel it tingling in my arms and legs. when its fully absorbed i dont feel that. i cant fast all the time, im pretty skinny now because of an illness and strict diet…..so what im asking is, can i make my own tincture from those capsules or should i get the herbal tincture for fast delivery that hopefully wont get “stuck” and not absorb?

  4. Alison D Gilbert says:

    Goats, ducks, and chickens are not allowed at our apartment building. No gardening or food growing is allowed on the lawn either. So as much as we would like to in our one bedroom senior apartment building, we can’t live like you do on 1/4 acre. Lucky you!