Are you trying to do the best for your new flock,
but are confused by all the conflicting information online?

What if you had the facts instead of someone’s opinion?

Chicken Hot Topics discusses some of the backyard chicken owner’s most controversial
subjects and it lays out the facts so you can decide what is right for you and your flock.

Here are just a few topics covered…

Sand as an alternative bedding to replace organic options.

The effectiveness of home remedies for internal and external parasites.

Supplemental heating and lighting and its effect on chickens.

Humane methods of euthanasia.

Feeding techniques and nutritional requirements.

Do you know the facts?

My name is Jessica Lane. I studied zoology at Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo but chose to trade the busy city life for the peace and quiet of rural living. I’m now living as a mom of three and a backyard farmer. Not only do I have a background in Animal Husbandry, but I have a large flock of happy healthy birds.

I am one of those people that needs to know the why before making a decision. I researched heavily before making the choices I did for my chickens. It was important to me that this information was available for other backyard chicken owners so they could make an informed choice.


“Despite being fact-based it was entertaining and engaging, unlike many books that feel dry and dusty.” -Lonestar Farmstead

“Chicken Hot Topics touches on many subjects with a thorough and easy-to-understand explanation.” -Flip Flop Barnyard

Even when she’s giving the facts and citing studies, her writing style is fun and engaging.” -Schneider Peeps

You can even find Chicken Hot Topics on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions.

“I wish I had started with this book and saved myself a lot of time and confusion.” -Alicia

“New to farm life, my daughter recently expressed an interest in our raising chickens. Chicken Hot Topics by Jessica E. Lane gave our family a lot of good information to help us decide if this is a good decision for our family. We are thinking 2015 will be our year to start keeping chickens. Thank you, Jessica E. Lane!” -Fred

“Lots of good information about subjects that you may think about but not know where to find the answers. A book that needed to be written. Recommended for new and seasoned chicken raising folks.” -Janet

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