A Kid’s Guide to Bringing Baby Chicks into the World

Teach children how to hatch chicks with this kid-friendly guide! Includes fun printables to keep kids engaged with the incubation process.

A little girl with a chicken chick on her shoulder.

Let us go on an exciting adventure as we learn about the magical process of hatching chicken chicks. This guide is great for kids because it has lots of fun facts, easy steps, and creative ideas to make the process of getting new birds a real treat.

And don’t miss the free printable Egg Insights Calendar and Egg to Chick Maze included in this guide.

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It’s Time to Gather Your Eggs

Incubating eggs and watching chicks hatch is like going on a magical adventure. It is very important to be extra careful with them and choose the right ones for our baby chicks by doing the following:

  • Gentle as a Feather: Eggs are delicate. Being gentle helps the baby inside grow big and strong.
  • Super Eggshell Armor: The eggshell is like a superhero shield! Please be gentle with it to protect the little superhero chick that is growing inside. No cracks allowed!
  • Keep it Clean and Tidy: Chicks love a clean home! Washing your hands before touching the eggs keeps everything spick and span, making sure our baby chicks stay healthy.
  • Egg Friends Come in Pairs: Look for eggs that are the same size and shape. Big or wonky eggs might have surprises, so we stick with the regular ones.
  • No Baths for Eggs: Eggs have a special coat to keep them safe. We don’t like washed eggs because it’s like taking away their superhero cape. Let’s keep our eggs cozy and protected!

Setting Up the Incubator

Alright, future chick farmers, setting the perfect incubator vibe for our soon-to-be feathered friends is like creating a cozy nest! Here’s how we make it just right:

Warm and Toasty

Chicks like it warm, so let’s set the incubator temperature to around 99.5°F (37.5°C). Don’t open the incubator unless you really have to, because we don’t want our babies to get chilly.

Humidity Hugs

Humidity is like a magical mist that keeps our eggs comfy. Aim for about 40–50% humidity for the first 18 days. On day 18, turn it up to 65%. That is like a mini-spa for the chicks inside!

Egg Roll Call

Eggs love a good roll! Turn them a few times a day so every part gets a share of the warmth. We want all the chicks to be happy and healthy!

The Waiting Game

When the eggs are being incubated, you need to be patient. Do you want to take a peek? A grownup can help you candle your eggs with a flashlight on days 7 and 14, so you can see what’s happening inside. No peeking after day 18, though; it’s a surprise!

A Hatching Day-by-Day calendar for kids.
Click here to download my Day-by-Day Hatching Calendar.

Hatching Day Celebrations

Alright, young egg lovers! Now that everything is ready for our soon-to-be chicks, we just have to wait! Three days to go!

Crack, Crack, Crack

Beginning on day 21, keep a close eye on them because some of the eggs may begin to crack slightly. That’s called pipping. That means our fluffy friends are getting ready to join us.

The Hatching Spectacle

It is time for the big show! You might hear little peeps as the cracks get bigger. That is the chicks saying, “Hello world, we are here!”

Hands-Off Policy

Do not try to help the chicks come out of their shells. They’re like little superheroes breaking free! Let them do their thing; it’s their special moment.

Fluffy Arrival

Once a chick is all fluffed up and dry, it’s ready to join the chick party. Imagine a soft, downy ball of cuteness—it’s our brand-new chick!

A fun chicken egg to chick maze printable for kids.
Click here to download my Egg to Chick Maze printable.

Caring for the Little Ones

Now that our fluffy friends have hatched and joined the world, it’s time to take care of our new babies.

Chicks need a warm and cozy space, just like a comfy blanket. Keep them in a brooder, a special chick home, where they can stay toasty under a heat lamp or brooder plate.

Introduce them to their chick feed. It’s packed with all the nutrients they need to grow into happy, healthy chickens. Make sure there’s always fresh water in their tiny waterers.

Arrange soft bedding in their brooder so they can take cozy naps. Chicks love snuggling up and taking breaks between their playful adventures.

Spend time talking to them. Chicks love a good conversation! It’s like they’re telling you all about their day, complete with tiny chirps and flutters. Watch as their feathers start to fluff up. When you pick them up, be gentle. Chicks are delicate.

Fun Facts About Baby Chicks

  1. New baby chicks take their first steps within hours of hatching.
  2. Mother hens will talk to their babies to encourage them to hatch.
  3. Baby chicks have a variety of chirps that each mean something different.
  4. If you look closely at a newly hatched chick’s beak, you’ll see a little bump on the tip. That’s called an egg tooth, and they use it to break out of their shell.

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