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The 104 Homestead started in 2013 and has since become my full-time job (minus the child-rearing job). Many hours are dedicated to writing new content, keeping existing content current, networking, participating in projects, and helping people (online and locally) learn to homestead. You can hear more about me and the story of The 104 Homestead here.

My site has been mentioned on awesome sites like Totally the Bomb, {LIFE}BUZZ, and The DIY Network, as well as great curation sites like The Homestead Bloggers, Info You Should Know, and The Homestead Survival.

My site has been mentioned on awesome sites like Totally the Bomb, {LIFE}BUZZ, and and The DIY Network, as well as great curation sites like The Homestead Bloggers, Info You Should Know, and The Homestead Survival.

The 104 Homestead Audience

The 104 Homestead is currently viewed by a growing audience of individuals who are passionate about living self-sufficiently, as well as those who want to garden and farm in non-traditional settings. We have a few foodie fans as well. My average reader is a female between the ages of 25 and 64.

Would you like to advertise on The 104 Homestead? We are a PR friendly website that accepts advertising for other websites, products or services.

The 104 Homestead Stats

Statistics as of January 2020

  • Approximately 107k Pageviews Each Month
  • 59.3k Pinterest Followers/1.3m Monthly Viewers
  • 20.1k Facebook Fans/20.4k Followers
  • 4.9k Twitter Followers
  • 2.2k Instagram Followers (I’m just now starting to build this audience)
  • 9.1k Unique Active Newsletter Subscribers

Advertising Details

Advertising slots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. All advertisements will be invoiced via PayPal and must be paid for before the ad is implemented.

Newsletter Advertising

Our weekly newsletter includes a special shout-out for a business and/or product I love. It includes a photo and one paragraph description with a link. The conversion rate for this spot is very high. This location costs $250 and will put you in the inboxes of my 9.1k+ active newsletter subscribers.

Sponsored Posts

The cost of hosting a sponsored post is $375. A sponsored post highlights your product or business in a way that will resonate with my audience. Sponsored posts are evergreen content, meaning they will remain visible and relevant for the lifetime of The 104 Homestead. They are shared on social media with the same frequency that we share our other content – A LOT! Your business and/or product will be linked throughout the post.

Currently, Thee 104 Homestead only accepts three sponsored posts per month. Reserve your slot now by emailing me at jessica@104homestead.com.

Examples of our sponsored posts:


If you have a product that you think my readers would enjoy, a giveaway might be a good way for us to partner up and promote your business. The cost to run a giveaway is $125 + 40% of the item’s market value up for giveaway (or free if you are running a sponsored post). Giveaway posts briefly introduce who you are and what you have to offer. They run for one week and will be shared a total of 10 times over the week on our various social media platforms.

At this time, Thee 104 Homestead only accepts two giveaways per month. Reserve your slot now by emailing me at jessica@104homestead.com.

You can see my most current media sheet here.

At this time, The 104 Homestead does not accept link exchanges, text links, or written posts from businesses.