Welcome to the World of Homesteading

Do you want to start homesteading, but don’t know where to start? I’m so excited to introduce you to my new book, Welcome to the World of Homesteading.

In this digital book, you’ll find a seasonal guide to setting homesteading goals. These are goals you easy achieve, regardless of the size or location of your homestead. In addition to giving you goal ideas, Welcome to the World of Homesteading offers goal-tracking sheets. These worksheets can be printed off year after year so you can watch your homestead grow.

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Chicken Hot Topics

Are you trying to do the best for your new flock, but are confused by all the conflicting information online? What if you had the facts instead of someone’s opinion?

Chicken Hot Topics discusses some of the backyard chicken owner’s most controversial subjects and it lays out the facts so you can decide what is right for you and your flock.

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Homemade Beauty Essentials

Do you want to make your own beauty products, but you don’t know where to start? What if you could get a handful of fun recipes that are perfect for beginners?

Homemade Beauty Essentials offers recipes for hard lotion bars, melt-and-pour soaps, and fun lip balms.

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