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You got a specific goody from me, depending on where you signed up for The Homestead Helper. I felt this alienated people. Maybe you signed up for a cooking conversion cheat sheet, but you’re missing an egg production chart in your life. I think you need it all. That’s why I made this super awesome new page with all the goodies in one spot for your downloading convenience.

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Welcome to the World of Homesteading

Do you want to start homesteading but don’t know where to start? In this ebook, you’ll find a seasonal guide to setting homesteading goals. These are goals you easily achieve, regardless of the size or location of your homestead. In addition to giving you goal ideas, Welcome to the World of Homesteading offers goal-tracking sheets. These worksheets can be printed off year after year so you can watch your homestead grow.

Download the Book | Download the Goal Worksheets

Ten Herbs: From Garden to Plate

Herbs are such amazing plants. They have been used for thousands of years to flavor food, add fragrance to our environment, repel bugs in the garden, and heal bodies. They are also pretty easy to grow, so no home should be without freshly grown herbs. In this ebook, you’ll find growing tips and recipes to use some of our favorite herbs.

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Printable Seed Packets

Saving seeds from your garden? Have you checked out our Encyclopedia of Seed Saving yet? It’s got loads of information on saving a wide variety of seeds. To get started, be sure to download these fun printable seed packets. They have a place to jot down all the information you need to have on the seeds. This printable is available in color as well as black and white. 

Download B&W / Download Color

Livestock Production Charts

Ever wonder how much your farm produces in a day? These handy charts will help you keep track. The milk production record tracks morning and evening milkings for each of your goats. You can track by weight or cups, whichever you prefer. If you have more than four goats, print off multiple copies of page 1. The egg production record tracks the number of eggs laid each day. If you want to be creative, you can even color the little eggs to show what you collected in your basket for the day.

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Common Kitchen Conversions Cheat Sheet

Dividing a recipe? Or maybe you’re doubling it? Avoid Googling the most common kitchen conversions and print out this handy chart instead.  Tape it to your refrigerator or the inside of your cabinets so you can easily reference it while cooking. This printable also has a list of terms you might have been a bit confused about. Do you know the difference between a regular boil and a hard boil? What is the difference between chopping and dicing? Now you’ll know.

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