Real Food Cooking in the Kitchen

Real Food Cooking in the Kitchen

Things are heating up in the kitchen. A big part of homesteading is a mindfulness about what foods you put in your body. Discover simple tips and tricks to preparing real food. Learn easy recipes that will thrill your family. Food has never tasted so good.

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Real Food Recipes

Real food cooking doesn’t have to be hard. Often it is just as easy to make something at home as it is to purchase it pre-made, but the it tastes so much better. Here are recipes that will get you started and will give you the confidence to experiment in the kitchen.

Putting Real Food on the Table

When your beef roast is done, leave the broth in the crockpot as well as some of the green beans and we are going to make Bean Soup!
This baked macaroni recipe is a staple in my half vegetarian household. The carnivores don't mind missing their meat dish when this is served. It is quick and easy to make.
We love this classic and comforting broccoli rice and cheese casserole for easy weeknight meals. Freezer-friendly and reheats well for leftovers.
Foraging has become quite trendy in the last few years. It is as old as life itself and not nearly as overwhelming as it can seem by the current trend.
There’s no doubt that winter is nearly here. These warming winter soup recipes will take the chill off even the coldest day.
This hush puppies recipe uses the broccoli stems instead of the head. Broccoli stems are chock full of vitamins and nutrients. The same taste, just a bit milder.
The word Ebelskiver is Danish for apple slices, but the meaning is a dessert or snack similar to a pancake, but with a flakier texture and round shape.
My friend brought by some flax seed crackers for me to try and I was instantly smitten. Based on the seasonings you add, you can tailor to your own likes.
Here are a few recipe hacks my fabulous blogging friends shared with me that I plan to start making myself. They are all relatively quick and easy to make.
Today (March 25th) is International Waffle Day and I have compiled a list of waffle ideas to eat all day long. Who knew waffles could be more than just a breakfast food?
Homemade butter made from store-bought raw milk will save you about 7¢ a stick, but made from raw milk that came from your own animals can save you 100%.
Fried chicken made at home may not be healthy, but it's certainly healthier than you get at the drive thru. Today I'll let you in on my secret for making KFC.
This simple recipe for potato pancakes is great for using up leftover mashed potatoes. You can make them sweet or savory so they are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Discover how to make "Little Devil" deviled quail eggs as well as other recipes made just for these tiny eggs. The rich flavors will have you begging for more.
Every year for Christmas, I host a big family brunch. These mini quiches are always a huge hit. I will often prepare them on weekends as well, since I can customize each quiche for every member of the household.
To wrap up Hot Breakfast Month, it seemed appropriate to do a breakfast for dinner. After all, dinner (in my opinion) is the absolute best time to enjoy breakfast.
Oven crepes are super easy to make and hard to mess up. You'll love them even more if you fill them with this delicious maple cream cheese filling. It's our family favorite.
But who says a natural lunchbox can't be fun and flavorful? Check out these options for your child's natural lunchbox.
This lovely honey-rosemary brine gives a wonderful flavor to not only wild onions, but to garlic cloves, sliced shallots, green onions and other vegetables, as well.
Many people see polenta in the health food store and just keep on walking, but you don't want to miss out on this awesome side dish substitute.
Roast chicken is an easy meal that comes out of the oven sitting on top of its very own side dish. All I have to do is pour a couple glasses of milk (or wine) and dinner is ready.
Chèvre is the easiest cheese in the world to make, and it’s very forgiving. Perfect for a novice. Add fresh cracked pepper and an herb garnish, and impress your friends.
I've discovered there are loads of foods that can be cooked on the grill. Think beyond the dogs and burgers. Here's some grilling recipes to get you started.
This is a one skillet dish, so clean up is easy. Since this fried rice recipe makes use of a lot of leftovers, your refrigerator will have more room as well.
This is an easy homemade sandwich bread recipe that can be made with no fancy equipment. It's been kid tested and I certainly approve. Perfect for PB&Js.
A slow cooker is something you can set and forget. After spending Thanksgiving day in the kitchen, we can use a break by making these leftover recipes.
Meyer lemon makes this dish zesty without being sour, despite not having cream. It's quick and easy for those busy nights where you're short on time.

Beneficial Beverages That Are Delicious Too

If you’re feeling bloated and you’re looking for a way to detox your body, these healthy hot drinks and herbal teas may be the solution.
After the initial shock at such a powerful taste, I was shocked by how quickly the Fire Cider went to work. By the next morning, I felt better than I had in days.
The basic recipe for hot chocolate mix is quite easy. The difficulty is sampling cup after cup in the name of perfecting the recipe. Don't worry, I did it for you.
Whether you are a backyard hobby homesteader or an avid homesteader on your journey to live off-grid, these are the homesteading articles you want to be reading.
Learn to make hard apple cider at home. It's both easy to make and delicious. You can customize your flavors with the apples and sugars that you use.
Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) is a member of the mint family and you'll want to make room for it in your herb garden this year.
Butterbeer is a Harry Potter inspired warm milk drink with a caramel and brown sugar kick. A huge hit with kids that enjoy the books and movies.

Decadent Desserts with Real Ingredients

Double chocolate chip cookies are a family favorite in my house, but how will they be with Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour? I put it to the test in this recipe.
Although it sounds fancy, crème brûlée is easy to make. It is the perfect dessert to follow a Valentine's dinner. Heck, you can skip dinner all together.
The word Ebelskiver is Danish for apple slices, but the meaning is a dessert or snack similar to a pancake, but with a flakier texture and round shape.
Breakfast cookies are, of course, always a big hit with kids. With applesauce and flax seed, the kiddos have no clue that what they're chowing down on is H-E-A-L-T-H-Y.
These old-fashioned rolled oat cookies are excellent for gift giving. You can gift them as drop cookies or use cookie cutters and make sandwiches out of them.
Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies are a great way to add a bit of color to any gathering or holiday. Plus, they look harder than they really are. They are sure to impress.
These sugar cookies are ridiculously easy to make and nearly impossible to mess up. Plus, the dough can be made ahead of time and frozen for up to six months.
Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite peanut butter recipes. Homemade peanut butter cups. It will be sure to delight everyone.

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Preserving the Harvest

From garden to table, I will show you how to preserve your harvest. Enjoy a jar of spring berry jam in the fall or corn on the cob in the dead of winter. 

I'm new Excalibur Dehydrators, but not the the world of dehydrating. Foryears I've been finding creative ways to avoid buying a real dehydrator.
Simply Canning's website is a warm and welcoming place where you can get answers to all of your questions. Learn the skills to can at home with confidence.
There are a lot of dill pickle recipe ideas online, but there is something they all lack. The secret to crispy pickles. A single surprise ingredient.
Grandma's world famous apple pie filling recipe is something to cherish. Some of her preservation techniques should be left in the past. Open kettle canning.
I eat applesauce not only as a snack, but I also enjoy recipes using applesauce. Homemade applesauce is delicious, but I like to give it some pizzazz with add-ons.
You can simply bring herbs indoors and hang them as bundles from hooks, but it's easier and faster to dry herbs with a dehydrator.
Do you have a bunch of squash on hand? Freeze it for later! Freezing spaghetti squash is super easy and takes less than an hour from start to finish.
Frozen and canned produce is good, but sometimes fresh produce off-season is better. Discover how to use Fresh Storage to enjoy fresh produce year round.
This lovely honey-rosemary brine gives a wonderful flavor to not only wild onions, but to garlic cloves, sliced shallots, green onions and other vegetables, as well.
Crab apple butter is an amazing thing. It is like a thick, sweet apple sauce that is used as a condiment. It can be used in a sandwich or on toast.
I personally think water bath canning is the place to start when you are first learning how to can. Check out these FAQs and great recipes to get you started.

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Cooking Tips & Tricks

Often we make things harder on ourselves than we need to. These tips and tricks will help you cook real foods with ease.

Coconut Oil is like heaven in a jar. I use it for everything, not only for it's healing properties, moisturizing abilities and healthy fats, but because I love that smell.
It takes finesse to create the perfect cookie. I've learned some tricks on my baking journey that might help you along your way. Be ready for holiday baking with these tips.
Bread making is an art, but there are some great tips, tricks and secrets to help you on your way. Here are nine secrets I've learned as well as a few great recipes to try.
Find out what tools are essential in a homesteader's kitchen. Let's be honest. Simple living isn't always simple, but with these tools, it can be a bit easier.
Goat's milk gets a bad rap. I've heard people describe goat's milk as “goaty” or just plain gross. But when handled properly, it isn't that way at all!
Not everyone loves veggies, but hiding vegetables in your recipes can get your family eating healthier without even knowing it. Kid friendly!
Clean pans that have been stained with cooking spray naturally and discover how to avoid getting stains again with homemade cooking spray.
Whether you are a backyard hobby homesteader or an avid homesteader on your journey to live off-grid, these are the homesteading articles you want to be reading.
Today I am going to be showing you how to separate egg whites with a soda bottle. It is quick, easy, and keeps your hands clean. Plus, no broken yokes.
Proper storage of your common food items will increase their freshness duration and prevent premature spoiling. Learn how to store these foods correctly.
Discover the answers to farm fresh eggs frequently asked questions.Why farm yolks are so dark? Does a blood spot mean it's fertile? Does the color change the flavor?

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Food Matters & Cookbook Reviews

Be mindful about what foods you are putting in your body. How much do you know about GMOs and processed foods? Do you know what foods you should never buy at the grocery store? Is organic really all it’s cracked up to be? Get the answers in Food Matters.

A fourteen year old anti-GMO activist takes on Kevin O'Leary in the great GMO debate. Is she a free-thinking activist or is she a pawn for the cause?
Conquering Your Kitchen: Book Review
Have you ever came back from your local grocery chain and snapped photos of your food to share with your friends? No, but homesteaders do.
GMOs and Processed Foods are bad words in our crunchy vocabularies. The problem lies not in what they are, but in what these terms mean to us.
The EWG has set about to test the amounts of pesticide residue on the foods we eat. This is the report of the 2016 dirty dozen and clean fifteen.
2015's dirty dozen and clean fifteen. You can grow many of these! Wouldn't it be fabulous to enjoy these foods you love without the fear of pesticide residues?
Do you know who owns your food? You have the right to know who owns the company you are buying from and what changes they are making to the things you buy.

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