Zesty Meyer Lemon Linguine with Asparagus

Meyer lemon makes this dish zesty without being sour, despite not having cream. It's quick and easy for those busy nights where you're short on time.

My dear friend Angi from SchneiderPeeps sent me a box full of beautiful of Meyer lemons for Christmas. Obviously we had to make some lemonade (don’t worry, I’m sharing that recipe as well), and there will be sweets, but my daughter and I really wanted to use lemons in a savory dinner. I had made this recipe with regular lemons and cream, but with the sweetness of Meyer lemons that you don’t get in regular lemons, I wanted to try it omitting the cream. So my daughter and I donned our aprons and headed to the kitchen on a mission.

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5 Perfect-for-Winter Soup Recipes

There’s no doubt that winter is nearly here. These warming winter soup recipes will take the chill off even the coldest day.

By this time of year, we’ve all heard the ominous warning from family members and friends: this winter is going to be one of the worst we’ve seen. Never mind that they foretell the same bad weather every year, and that there doesn’t seem to be a way they obtain some insider knowledge about meteorology.

Hopefully they’re wrong about all of the inclement weather, but there’s no doubt that winter is nearly here. And the best way to prepare, besides getting out your winter clothing, is to gather soul-warming soup recipes.

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Slow Cooker Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

A slow cooker is something you can set and forget. After spending Thanksgiving day in the kitchen, we can use a break by making these leftover recipes.

I don’t know about you, but I personally feel that even better than the Thanksgiving meal itself are the leftovers. Who’s with me? I even go to the point of roasting an extra-large turkey and including more sides than my family of five needs just so that we can have those yummy leftovers. Aside from just heating them up the next day, I try to make creative meals with them. Today I’m sharing a couple of options of what you can do with those leftovers.

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Hearty Cheesy Broccoli Rice Bake

We love this classic and comforting broccoli rice and cheese casserole for easy weeknight meals. Freezer-friendly and reheats well for leftovers.

I’m starting this recipe with a confession. I am not known for my astounding cooking abilities. I can grow it, I can preserve it, but I tend to be a disaster in the kitchen. Why am I sharing this? Why am I letting you know that I’m real? Because that way you know you can handle any recipe I share here on The 104 Homestead. This broccoli rice casserole is a perfect example.

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Drying Herbs Quickly with a Dehydrator

You can simply bring herbs indoors and hang them as bundles from hooks, but it's easier and faster to dry herbs with a dehydrator.

Summer is winding down and before you know it all the glorious fresh herbs we’ve been taking advantage of will no longer be available. It’s time to talk about how to dry herbs. You can simply bring them indoors and hang them as bundles from hooks (I like doing this with lavender). You can also make racks/screens like these ones. When you need to preserve a lot at a time, it’s easiest to dry herbs with a dehydrator.

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Your Guide to Canning Crispy Dill Pickles

There are a lot of dill pickle recipe ideas online, but there is something they all lack. The secret to crispy pickles. A single surprise ingredient.

I love dill pickle spears. I prefer spears over coins because they stay crisper. Yes, late at night I sneak to the kitchen to eat them right out of the jar. Shhh, don’t tell my children. There are a lot of dill pickle recipe ideas online, but there is something they all lack. The secret to a crispy pickle. Leaves. Plant leaves.

Specifically, I am referring to grape leaves. Grape leaves contain tannins that inhibit a naturally occurring enzyme in cucumbers that cause them to soften. Other types of leaves (such as oak and cherry) work, but may cause a bitter taste in your pickles.

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